Name: Serene

Pianist | Software Engineer | OTF Senior Fellow

Origin: East Asia | 象山县 | early ‘90s

Location: San Francisco | NYC

Disciplines: Autodidact with a focus on classical piano and computer science.

Brief Chronology

日 0 / Year 0: Biological instantiation.

日 1.8k / Year 5: First encounter with piano. First encounter with flow state.

日 3.2k / Year 9: Enthralled by virtual worlds. Self taught programming and 3D modelling. Threw together a Zelda clone & hundreds of other miniature game concepts.

Until roughly 日 6.5k: Compulsory education system interactions. Minimal effort to excel. Bored and miserable. Sanity maintained by leveling up music and code beyond the prison gates, winning piano competitions and such.

日 6211: First standing backflip on grass.

日 6525 (August 2009) Escaped to Carnegie Mellon University. Computer Science and Piano Performance.

日 7100: (March 2011) Wrote a kernel. Little sleep. Much self reflection.

日 7546: (May 2012) Graduated top of the class, one year early from CMU.

日 7550: Rode motorcycle from PGH to NYC.

日 7558: Moved into my first studio apartment in Chelsea.

日 7561 (June 2012): Began typing code full-time at Google. Still can’t legally drink.

日 7937 (June 2013): Paid off all debts. Decided Rent Is Too Damn High.

Ensconcement upon a boat. Nautical lifestyle begins.

日 8013: Switched to Google Ideas. Pursue Internet Freedom.

日 8406: Jumped out a Perfectly Good Airplane for the first time.

日 8527: Left Google. Mini “Early Retirement” in SE Asia. Re-engage in full time study of piano and other disciplines and skills. Seeking better context to become the change I want to see in the world.

日 8547: Learned to Scuba Dive.

日 8622: Back in US. Sold Sailboat. Rode motorcycle from NYC to SF.

日 8714 (August 2015): Begin hacking on Snowflake and working with the Tor Project.

Over 9000 日 through today and onwards: Continuing to study, practice, perform, and code. Seeking better understanding, building freedom, evolving.

Last updated: March 2017


serene [at] torproject [dot] org

@kiserene on twitter

Last Update: 2017-05-22 00:00 UTC